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company list

  • Ace Info Solutions
  • Gold Systems
    • Gold Systems develops custom applications that make it easier for your customers to reach you and for your employees to collaborate, by incorporating award-winning speech technology with the unified communications tools in Microsoft Lync.
  • Leadership Practices
    • exkurs (fraglich)
      • Model the Way
        Inspire a Shared Vision
        Challenge the Process
        Enable Others to Act
        Encourage the Heart
  • List Innovative Solutions
  • Phase One Consulting
  • SONA Networks
  • Systalex
  • SOMAT Engineering
  • TAPE

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gibt's wirklich

Vistenkarte - Oberst Bernhard Stiedry

gibt's wirklich, a gallery on Flickr.

aus besonderem anlass

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Towards a theory model for product search

from gregs blog

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abstract [

With the growing pervasiveness of the Internet, online search for products and services is constantly increasing. Most product search engines are based on adaptations of theoretical models devised for information retrieval. However, the decision mechanism that underlies the process of buying a product is different than the process of locating relevant documents or objects.

We propose a theory model for product search based on expected utility theory from economics. Specifically, we propose a ranking technique in which we rank highest the products that generate the highest surplus, after the purchase. In a sense, the top ranked products are the "best value for money" for a specific user. Our approach builds on research on "demand estimation" from economics and presents a solid theoretical foundation on which further research can build on. We build algorithms that take into account consumer demographics, heterogeneity of consumer preferences, and also account for the varying price of the products. We show how to achieve this without knowing the demographics or purchasing histories of individual consumers but by using aggregate demand data. We evaluate our work, by applying the techniques on hotel search. Our extensive user studies, using more than 15,000 user-provided ranking comparisons, demonstrate an overwhelming preference for the rankings generated by our techniques, compared to a large number of existing strong state-of-the-art baselines.

want to buy?

i do some google searches and find a reference to the conference paper here:

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re: customers over data - How about combining data w/ meaning to make me/customer smarter not just sell me more: @ @ @



The Real Threat in the Persian Gulf by Jon Alterman

==== (freeman)


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Never make predictions, especially about the future.

Wer sich nicht bewegt, spürt auch seine Fesseln nicht.


Eine Strategie muss unter Eintreten eines jeden wahrscheinlichen Szenarios das Überleben des Systems sicherstellen.


Die Weihnachtsansprache 1971 des deutschen Bundespräsidenten Gustav Heinemann


Weihnachtsansprache Gustav Heinemann 1971


"Nur wer bekennt, findet den, der mit ihm bekennt. Nur wer Bürgermut lebt, macht andere Bürger lebendig."
 (Gustav Heinemann, Weihnachtsansprache 1971)

Präsidiale Reden, edition suhrkamp

Bürgermut, Weihnachtansprache 1971 v. 24.12.1971, Gustav Heinemann,
Präsidiale Reden, edition suhrkamp, 2. Auflage, 1977, Seiten 201ff

f-3: google books to-find

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security 01/08/2011

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y2011 m01 diigo tool+list

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you have no excuse to not use it

Research Beyond Google: 119 Authoritative, Invisible, and Comprehensive Resources | OEDb

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